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The laying out of an inscription for a memorial headstone can often be a difficult process.

There are a large number of considerations such as the size of the memorial, space for future inscriptions, the materials used and the wording that will reflect the emotion and sentiments for the loved one.


Below are some examples of inscription layouts to help assist in the creation of your own tribute to your loved ones. 

Inscription Layout Example's

Types Of Lettering


A common request is adding a image/picture of an item/s that holds meaning and value to your loved ones.

These can be birds, flowers, cars, items of clothing, religious emblems or silhouettes of an activity or craft they enjoyed.

Over the years we have been asked to add these special and unique touches to provide a more personalised monument that bests emulates your loved ones memory.

All art pieces can be finished in the same materials as is used in the above listed lettering types;

Gold leaf, Paint, Cut Only, artificial lead and laser etching.

To inquire about added a personalised piece to your loved ones memorial please ask our staff during your visit or via email or phone.

Most art can be created from pre-existing photos and physical items, in some cases we can even create a piece from scratch to create something new and more personalised for your loved one.

Gold Leaf

Each letter is sand blasted into the surface of the stone. First the area is painted with a backing glue and then gold leaf sheets of 23 carat are applied to each letter. This is left to set for a day, and then washed off to reveal lettering inlaid with gold leaf. This technique is usually applied to medium to dark granites colours, the darker the stone the more the gold looks richer in colour.


This type of lettering lasts up to 10 years.

Example of Gold Lettering On A Headstone
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